Themed Activities

What is Themed Activities?

This refers to groups of activities that are based around a common theme. For example, you may have activities that are all about sports or winter. Themed activities can be great for working on speech and language skills. Here are some benefits of using themed activities :

  • Great for group sessions as they can be worked on after reading a book about the topic or some small amount of instruction or discussion about the topic.
  • Great for use in classrooms as teachers often base curriculum around particular themes or topics.
  • They can be relevant to current events (like holidays) which make them more meaningful to the child.
  • You can choose activities about your child’s interests so they will be more motivated by the tasks.
  • They are great for building vocabulary around a particular topic.
  • The activities can build on and relate to one another since they have a common theme, increasing retention.
  • The activities can teach and practice new skills by building on the child’s existing knowledge of the topic.