Games to Play with Baby

6 - 9 Months

Babies grow and develop quickly during their first year of life. You notice when your baby smiles for the first time, rolls over, sits, walks and begins to talk. These moments mean that your child is learning!

Your baby is growing fast and learning new things every day. Here is a list of some games for babies babies can do by 12 months of age. Remember that every baby is different. Your baby will develop at a rate that is right for him / her.

Here are some games list for 0-12 months kids

Games for 0 – 3 Months Baby

Games for 3 – 6 Months Baby

Games for 6 – 9 Months Baby

Games for 9 – 12 Months Baby

Some Pointers for parents

Encourage your baby to reach and grasp objects by playing with brightly colored, easy-to-grasp toys. Play with toys that can be squeezed or that have different textures!

Babies who are just learning to roll over will keep trying if mom or dad provides motivation. To encourage her, wave a favorite toy just out of your baby’s reach.

Your baby needs a safe, comfortable place to play! Provide at least a 5 by 7 foot blanket for him to play and roll on. Later, provide a safe area to explore while he’s crawling.

Take a walk! Exercise is good for you, and your baby will enjoy seeing and hearing new things.

Sing to your baby while breastfeeding, putting her to sleep, or in the bath.

Play games that involve dumping and pouring. Help your baby put toys in a bucket and then dump them out. In the bath, play with toys that your baby can fill with water.

Use your public library as a resource for more about the stages of your child’s development and early learning.