Games to play with 0 – 3 Months Babies

0 - 3 Months

Following are the fun loving and interactive games for babies in between 0 and 3 months.

What your baby will Learn

What Your Baby Will Learn : LANGUAGE SKILLS

  • An infant’s brain will respond to every sound produced in any language. This is the perfect age to introduce sounds from another language.
  • This game is just for fun.
  • Pick a word like “Hello” and learn to say it in a different language.
  • Each day, greet your baby with “hello” in English or “hola”, which is Spanish for “hello”. This is just an example, you can choose any language.
  • Select single words that relate to what your baby does each day. Say the English word and then the foreign word.
  • Start with everyday words or phrases, such as “drink”, “eat”, “I love you”, or various body parts and animals.